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HTPC is stands for Home Theatre Personal Computer. What it is, is a personal computer designed and adapted to be used soley as a all in one dedicated media centre. Built in aesthetically pleasing cases to compliment your existing home theatre equpipment. The functions that a HTPC can perform are watch live free to air digital TV, record multiple channels of digital TV simultaneously, DVD playback and Bluray playback, store and playback music in multiple digital formats including lossless compression format such as FLAC, the same goes with digital video a HTPC is able to store and playback multiple digital video formats. Network capable thus allowing to share media across other network devices and browse the internet. DTS and Dolby sound is able to be passed through via digital audio to an existing home theatre reciever for high quality surround sound.


Replace standalone components such as a dvd player, media player, and set top box, by centralised storage and playback from the one device. Able to record more than two channels simultaneously (dependent on hardware used).

Schedule programs to record not by a particular time they are broadcasted but by any time that a particular program comes on. Thus if for some reason if the program is broadcasted at a different time the HTPC will record it at the different time with no user intervention required.

Upgradeable in both hardware and software aspects. Thus allowing for more storage than a typical PVR will provide. The HTPC software is able to be updated allowing for future released media formats to be played once the required software codec is installed..


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